because for one hundred days
I watched as they said my body was not my own
I watched as they said the Earth was theirs to destroy



And they got lost in the whiteness, reveled in the conformity of it all. Because the disillusioned blanket of white covered the problems lying deeper than they wanted to admit – because facing the reality meant taking a shovel to the perfect whiteness and losing what made the blanket so smooth and easy. But equality and truth and goodness don’t come from blankets and conformity. They come from digging and fighting and being passionate about what’s underneath.


it has no hidden purpose, this laughter
no reason for deceit
no care for the wind playing hair like a fine-tuned harp
or the sea crashing fiercely behind
this laughter is not vain, nor desperate for attention
the stand here and go there and look like this can grow tiresome
but for now she gets this moment
head back; happy


she peers out at the horizon / miles above her colorful town / she likes it better up here / because the mountains go on forever / and she has room to feel / and the colors of the city get messy / and mean / and up here / she just is, can just be


He told them
I am more than a number and a name
I am more than the points on your scoreboard
There will come a time when these numbers
Will fade into nothing
And you will meet the man behind the jacket